What is taking so long?

Home remodels are not done overnight. Although believe me, we sometimes hope it could be! When planning your next home renovation, the time you should allot from start to completion can be just as important as the budgeting- so here are some items that tend to be a “longer lead time” and the average time they might take-


  1. Custom door and windows- Especially down here in South Florida impact rated doors and windows are crucial to your home. Not only do they help with the obvious hurricane but they also help with cooling your home, and keeping sound out. Typically, when working on a job I like to give 6-8 weeks when from ordering to time of installation.
  2. Permits- Permits are an unnegotiable part of a remodel. The fee for the permits is typically based on the overall cost of your project, and your contractor may charge a flat fee for filing the permits as well. It’s a bonus to work with a contractor that is reputable in your neighborhood with a great relationship with the inspectors. Dependent on the scope of work and the city that the permit is being filed you can expect 3-5 weeks until they are approved.
  3. Custom Cabinetry- Like most things, the word “custom” usually adds about 2 weeks lead time onto most anything! In the case of custom cabinetry, it is SO worth the wait, depending on the finish and style of your chosen door style allow 8-12 weeks for the cabinetry to be installed.
  4. Specialty finishes- Some finishes are very popular and kept in stock- brushed nickel shower fixtures for example. If you’re looking for a brushed gold, or polished black you an expect to wait 4-6 weeks so order in advanced! With orders like this make sure your designer or contractor is sure they can get the coordinating pieces in the same finish! My designer tip to you would be to buy everything in brass… and get it plated locally!
  5. Counter tops- Selecting countertops is one of my favorite parts of a kitchen remodel because there are SO many slabs to check out. Having so many options can sometimes be overwhelming for clients and hinder making a decision on a timely basis. I recommend starting sooner rather than later so that you’re able to keep the job moving forward. Once a slab has been selected the company will come template the area it is being installed and two weeks after that will be installed.
  6. Glass enclosures- This one falls under the responsibility of the contractor or designer on the job. Shower enclosures are made to order and completely custom so figure 2 weeks from measure to install.
  7. Backorder flooring or specialty moldings- Flooring is a major component to the design of any space, so in most cases I’d say its worth waiting for your flooring (if its in a reasonable time frame). In my years of flooring sales, I’d say the average back order date is within 6 weeks, anymore than that would be determined on how much you love that floor!

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