Condo Renovations

South Florida shorelines, and inter-coastal are lined with beautiful high-rise condominiums and apartment buildings. This allows a greater number of people to enjoy the views and perks of ocean side living during winter months, or even year-round. While renovating a single-family home, and a condominium may seem like it should be a very similar process- there are many differences in the process.


The biggest difference in renovations are the rules that you are bound to by living in a building with an association. Be sure to speak with the board prior to starting your renovations so you are aware of what can, and cannot be done. These can have regulations from which days and times you are able to work, to the materials and underlayment requirements for flooring. Your general contractor will have a specified place to park work vehicles, carting out demo materials and a reserved elevator as well. When creating a timeline for the scope of work it is always beneficial to add 6 weeks’ time to that! Try and remember all of these rules are set in place to keep the rest of your neighbors bother free!

Speaking with a GC early on in the project can be a great help. Many of the units have rounded walls, support beams and columns and other structural pieces that may not be able to be moved. So, before you get your heart set on removing the column in the kitchen for your future island- let us help you! This is also a general rule of thumb for bathrooms as well and moving plumbing fixtures. Hiring a designer can help you get the same appearance bathroom you were longing for with finish selections or tricks of the trade!

Speak with you neighbors and board members for a list of recommended trades people to interview. Working with a GC or Designer that have had previous experience working in the building can be a big bonus- They are already familiar with the unit layouts, and aware of the protocols and regulations in the building. This can make for smooth sailing when trying to schedule deliveries, or remove demolished material from your unit. You’d be surprised the ordeal that can arise for something that would seem as simple as a furniture, or materials delivery.

The stress of living in a construction zone can sometimes take away from the positive experience you should have! Here in South Florida a majority of the condos are winter vacation homes. If this is the case, try and do the work in the summer months when you don’t have to worry about not having a bathroom or kitchen for a weeks’ time.  If you reside in the unit year round try and take the time for a mini staycation or a brief family trip to Disneyworld!

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